Understanding Face Serums

Face serum products are very popular for a complete skincare routine.  Serums are concentrates that are designed to deliver active ingredients, like botanicals, through the surface of the skin. Most ingredients in an expertly formulated serum will sink into the skin immediately, hydrating it and supplying the skin with nourishment from the outside in.

Many serums are marketed for different specific skin concerns. You’ll see brightening serums, anti-aging serums, dark spot serums, and skin firming serums. Some serums offer a wealth of benefits in a single bottle.

If you have multiple skincare concerns (as most people do), a multifunctional serum will simplify your routine. There’s no need to switch products throughout the week or attempt to layer serums if everything you need is bundled together. Serums are typically watery or thinner in consistency to allow them to properly hydrate the skin.

Due to their high concentration of skin-healthy ingredients, serums are usually applied with a dropper. You don’t need to liberally coat yourself with serum. Just a few drops of serum is enough to provide benefits to your entire face.

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